Our Approach to Building

We’ve taken a clean-slate approach to developing data centers for today’s world. We believe in integrating sustainability into every aspect of development – from site selection and energy sources to ongoing operations.


We work with our utility partners to source energy from clean, renewable sources wherever possible. We will also be using our scale and financial capital to amplify the call for renewable energy projects that put our company and industry on a sustainable path.


We utilize a modular design and an incremental build sequence to right-size capacity. We work with our clients to understand their true resiliency needs and architect the data center for high-performance and low-cost.


From variable speed fans to smart chillers that reduce or eliminate water usage, we invest in infrastructure that minimizes waste and cost while maximizing efficiency.


We’ve partnered with Ledge8760 to monitor our carbon footprint and provide an unmatched level of transparency to our customers. We believe that reporting needs to be actionable, and through this partnership, we are able to do more than provide our clients with fancy charts and graphs.

What We Deliver

CorFLEX – Modular DESIGN

Start small, think big and scale fast with Corscale. From modular design to wholesale pricing, to attractive expansion rights, we work with you to bring your vision to life.

CorBUILD – Build to Suit

Starting at 36MW, Corscale will collaborate with your team to develop a powered shell or other dedicated facility.

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